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Jewelry Tips From Aya

Hello Friend,

This is a very special day!

We are opening our door for you to view, enjoy or even own the fruits of ten years of designing, dreaming and creating the AYA AZRIELANT 
Couture, Classique and Chique jewelry collection. We invite you to become a member of an exclusive group of fans around the world who repeatedly collect and enjoy these very artistic and unique pieces.

I know we all are experiencing interesting times, our budget is tight and we need to be careful and smart about the way we spend our money. This is the time to  get your dearest and yourself a present directly from the creator’s vault.

You do not need another Tennis Bracelet or Diamond Stud Earring offered to you by thousands of different strangers. 
You want to get a uniquely designed, quality piece of jewelry at a very reasonable price from an experienced and trustworthy source.

You want to get an AYA piece.

I am interested in hearing your comments as you browse this exhibition.  I am hoping you stay a friend for life.