• Alhambra
    Lacy open-work round discs with cut-out shaping Aya's signature Starfish with scatered Swarovski crystal stonesforming drop earrings and pendants with matching bracelets
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  • Stardust
    The entire line of necklaces, Strechy bracelets and earrings to match using the Swarovki Crystal pave Ball with Aya beaded beads
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  • Frame
    Double side reversible round faceted stones set in a metal frame creating Necklaces in various length with matching drop Earrings and bracelets
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  • Artform
    Sculptured Three dimentional yet light as a feather this special technology of electroforming allow to create a line of light weight earrings yet with great presense, matching pendants and brooches
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  • Gemstone
    Classy traditional Semi Precios- Precious and Colored Crystal collection
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" Affordable and practical yet artistic and trendy "

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“My vision is to continue to create a designer jewelry line that is affordable and practical, yet artistic, elegant and trendy for the contemporary woman of today who wants to look her best.”

Aya Azrielant is one of the most visible and highly regarded figures in the jewelry industry today. As founder of Aya International LLC, and designer of a fine jewelry collection that bears her name, she is that rare executive who gracefully combines artistic flair, design sensibility, business savvy and a keen marketing sense. Aya’s office and showroom sits on Fifth Avenue in New York City, with a new Flagship store in Tel Aviv, Israel. Aya travels the world discovering the latest trends and presenting her designs on prestigious cruise lines and key retail outlets.

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