Sculptured three dimensional yet light as a feather. This special technology of electroforming allows to create a line of light weight earrings yet with great presence. Matching pendants and brooches available

  • SS-5706Y
    Aya's Signature Large 18K Gold Over Silver Starfish Pin
  • SS-5715XD
    Aya's Signature Oxidized Silver Angelfish Pin
  • SS-5803XD
    Aya's Signature Oxidized Silver Seahorse Pin
  • SS-5803Y
    Aya's Signature Gold Over Silver Seahorse Pin
  • SS-5803
    Aya's Signature Silver Seahorse Pin
  • SS-5806
    Aya's Signature Large Silver Sunflower Pin
  • SS-5806XD
    Aya's Signature Large Oxidized Silver Sunflower Pin
  • SS-5806Y
    Aya's Signature Large Gold Over Silver Sunflower Pin
  • SS-5815XD
    Aya's Signature Large Oxidized Silver Dragonfly Pin


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